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xanthic sentence in Hindi

"xanthic" meaning in Hindi
  • There are three colour morphs, the xanthic orange winged form and the melanic black winged form.
  • Gold and albino tiger barbs are examples of commercially produced fish based on recessive xanthic ( yellow ) and albino genes.
  • It was the color of the entire middle of America on the roll-down wall map in my third-grade classroom, the color that taught me then that Nebraska was a long, flat plain of dry, xanthic grass.
  • In sum, what Clinton did with Monica and afterword was, to go alphabetically : asinine, bathetic, clumsy, deplorable, empty, fatuous, gross, humiliating, injudicious, jerky, knuckleheaded, lame, mendacious, naive, oleaginous, piggish, queasy, ridiculous, stupid, tacky, unsalubrious, vexatious, weasely, xanthic-tinted ( yellow ), yahoo-ish, and, ultimately, zany.

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