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English-Hindi > xenix

xenix meaning in Hindi

xenix sentence in Hindi
1.UnixWare 7 lacked the Xenix compatibility features of both its ancestors.

2.Microsoft expected that it would be an interim solution before Xenix.

3.In early 1983 Tandy switched from TRSDOS-16 to Xenix.

4.Xenix 5.0 also used SVR2 as its basis.

5.Microsoft itself sold a version of Unix for the PC called Xenix.

6.When Tru64, Ultrix, and Xenix.

7.First, it collaborated with SCO to merge System V and Xenix into System V / 386.

8.Microsoft, believing that it could not compete with Unix's developer, decided to abandon Xenix.

9.The original release, written for the SCO Xenix operating system, quickly got ported to other platforms.

10.Xenix was based on UNIX System III, also supported up to three users, and was more established.

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