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English-Hindi > xenium

xenium meaning in Hindi

xenium sentence in Hindi
1.""'Vexillum xenium " "'is a species of small sea snail, marine gastropod mollusk in the family Costellariidae, the ribbed miters.

2.Each of the four styles has an integrated system with wires concealed throughout the jacket connecting the Philips Xenium GSM mobile phone, which has voice command and dialing capabilities, to a Philips Rush MP3 player.

3.Whilst working in the cutting room, he continued to write and direct his own films and, after collecting a Silver award at the Creative Circle Awards for his Mercedes commercial in 1990, he was invited to join Xenium Productions as a director.

4.Several vascular plant families ( Petenaeaceae, Hemidictyaceae, Diplaziopsidaceae ), genera ( " Dracoglossum, Nesolindsaea, Osmolindsaea " ) and species ( " Hymenophyllum filmenofilicum, Danaea antillensis, D . arbuscula, D . cartilaginea, D . chococola, D . dana�pinna, D . draco, D . epiphytica, Danaea kalevala, D . leussinkiana, D . lingua-cervina, D . quebradensis, D . riparia, D . trinitatensis, D . ushana, D . vivax, D . xenium, D . ypori, D . zamiopsis, Piper ciliomarginatum, Tetranema michaelfayanum " ), were named by him or together with colleagues.

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