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xenogenesis sentence in Hindi

"xenogenesis" meaning in Hindixenogenesis in a sentence
  • Cameron's first film was the 1978 Xenogenesis ", which he directed, wrote and produced.
  • A different alternate version of Jim Jaspers appears in " Astonishing X-Men : Xenogenesis ."
  • The Australian babies had all died within a few weeks, suggesting that something may have gone wrong with the xenogenesis process.
  • Three years later, Butler published " Dawn ", the first installment of what would become known as the Xenogenesis trilogy.
  • Corman initially hired James Cameron as a model maker in his studio after being impressed with his short film " Xenogenesis ".
  • ""'Intergalactic Beings " "'is an album by American jazz flautist Xenogenesis " novels of American science fiction writer Octavia Butler.
  • ""'Xenogenesis Suite " "'is an album by American jazz flautist Xenogenesis " novels of American science fiction writer Octavia Butler.
  • ""'Xenogenesis Suite " "'is an album by American jazz flautist Xenogenesis " novels of American science fiction writer Octavia Butler.
  • Gideon is thinking of how he will defeat Astoroth and prevent Xenogenesis from happening, which has become the new purpose of his alter ego . . . the Demon Hunter.
  • For Andrew Schapper, " Wild Seed " is an entry point to the  ethics of controlled evolution that permeate Butler s novels, most obviously in the Xenogenesis trilogy.
  • Sexuality has been addressed in Philip Jose Farmer's " The Lovers " Octavia Butler's " Xenogenesis " novels and China Mi�ville's " Perdido Street Station"
  • The main body of Butler's work is composed of the " Patternist " and " Xenogenesis " series, which focus as much on the realistic as on the fantastic.
  • The Bundezpolizei establishes an anti-Demoniac unit called the Xenogenesis Assault Team, armed with military-grade weapons and equipment to protect the German populace from Demoniacs and to spearhead anti-Demoniac operations.
  • The All About Jazz review by Troy Collins says " A surprisingly effective combination of disturbing surrealism delivered with raw emotion and lyrical experimentation, " Xenogenesis Suite " is an endlessly rewarding listen ."
  • David Anthony Kraft's run as writer included " The Scorpio Saga " ( issues # 46, 48 50 ) and the " Xenogenesis : Day of the Demons " storyline ( issues # 58 60 ).
  • When Cameron read Syd Field's book " Screenplay ", it occurred to him that integrating science and art was possible, and he wrote a 10-minute science-fiction script with two friends, titled " Xenogenesis ".
  • In his essay on the sociobiological backgrounds of Butler's Xenogenesis trilogy, J . Adam Johns describes how Butler's narratives counteract the death drive behind the hierarchical impulse with an innate love of life ( biophilia ), particularly different, strange life.
  • Another version of spontaneous generation is variously termed univocal generation, " heterogenesis " or " xenogenesis ", in which one form of life has been supposed to arise from a different form, such as tapeworms from the bodies of their hosts.
  • "Adulthood Rites " ( 1988 ) and " Imago " ( 1989 ) the second and the third books in the Xenogenesis trilogy, focus on the predatory and prideful tendencies that affect human evolution, as humans now revolt against Lilith's Oankali-engineered progeny.
  • Some months later they realise that every woman of child-bearing age is pregnant-even those who are single or not otherwise in relationships with men-with all indications that the pregnancies were caused by xenogenesis during the period of unconsciousness that has become to be referred to as the " Dayout ".
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