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English-Hindi > yacht club

yacht club meaning in Hindi

yacht club sentence in Hindi
नौका क्लब
yacht    धुआं नौका
club    चिड़ी मुगदर स्टिक
1.Yacht clubs have until December of this year to declare their challenge.

2.It won in 1983 with Australia II, representing Royal Perth Yacht Club.

3.Results from the Rolex International Regatta at St . Thomas Yacht Club.

4.The following year they got the American Legion Yacht Club on board.

5.Chicago Yacht Club, http : / / www . chicagoyachtclub . com

6.Port Lucaya Resort & amp; Yacht Club is expected to reopen Friday.

7.There are also nine marinas and four yacht clubs at the harbor.

8.Cayard said last week at a homecoming luncheon at the yacht club.

9.Sixteen yacht clubs paid their performance bonds by February of last year.

10.But so far, only the New York Yacht Club has formally challenged.

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club that promotes and supports yachting and boating
Synonyms: boat club,

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