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English-Hindi > yachter

yachter meaning in Hindi

yachter sentence in Hindi
1.Its isolated nature means it is rarely visited, save by the occasional scientist or yachter.

2.Roosevelt's son John, who inherited the estate, was a champion ice yachter.

3.David is portrayed as a'celebrated yachter'and a'very rich'man.

4.The shoestring budget still may not be enough, but little will dissuade the Romanian yachter from Marina del Rey.

5."' Robert Thomson "'is a round-the-world cyclist, yachter and longest journey by skateboard.

6.Separately, police said an Italian yachter was rescued in Grenada on Monday after riding out the hurricane and being trapped for nearly a week on his boat.

7.In Grenada, devastated by a direct hit last week that killed 39 people and destroyed or damaged 90 percent of homes, an Italian yachter was rescued Monday.

8.Many hope that when the hoopla dies down, the trial is over and the reporters go home, St . Vincent will remain a yachter's paradise and growing destination for tourists in the Caribbean.

9.His father served three years in the Army as a 1st Lieutenant, and the family was stationed at various bases around the U . S . His father was a minor league baseball player, golfer and yachter.

10.Looking more like a weekend yachter Thursday-dressed in a button-down white shirt and navy sport jacket, and donning a bushy, graying mustache-than the well-groomed 007, Brosnan said he's " very happy " with his other projects.

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