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English-Hindi > yachting

yachting meaning in Hindi

yachting sentence in Hindi
1.For yachting information, call ( 912 ) 231-1996.

2.Today, yachting and humility may be counted among the latter.

3.Yachting events for the 1996 Games will be held in Savannah.

4.They were part of a yachting community anchored in Chaguaramas Bay.

5.A sort of sailboat on blades gives rise to ice yachting.

6.Holidays were spent on yachting or canoeing expeditions with his brothers.

7.The cup had been made in 1894 as a yachting trophy.

8.With Jack Cropp, Mander won the New Zealand Yachting Federation.

9.H�riot promoted French yachting and French shipyard engineering throughout the world.

10.Jewell attended Boston University and while there participated in competitive yachting.

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water travel for pleasure
Synonyms: boating,

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