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yachtsman sentence in Hindi

"yachtsman" meaning in Hindiyachtsman in a sentence
  • The winning edge would go to the skill of the yachtsman.
  • That's how the New Zealand yachtsman, pick up ovs
  • Transatlantic yachtsmen still make a beeline for the nine Portuguese islands.
  • He's just the most amazingly accomplished yachtsman,"
  • The Yacht Racing Union named him World yachtsman of the year.
  • The river is used by yachtsmen as a very safe harbour.
  • Portaferry Lifeboat is an essential lifeline for local fishermen and yachtsmen.
  • The yachtsman was later taken off by a Romanian cargo ship.
  • He was also an enthusiastic yachtsman, both cruising and racing.
  • Many Tancook boats were built for yachtsmen of the Chester region.
  • She is owned and skippered by an Australian yachtsman Alex Whitworth.
  • Klein was also Rolex yachtsman of the year in 1989.
  • And last month, he was named Rolex Yachtsman of the Year.
  • The race has attracted other world-class yachtsmen too.
  • "I'm not a yachtsman,"
  • We need tourists, divers and yachtsmen to help us,
  • He notes that Chinese yachtsmen have competed in six Olympics without winning.
  • Taylor was a skilled yachtsman and deep-sea fisherman.
  • Packer was a keen yachtsman, boxer, golfer and polo player.
  • He was a keen yachtsman, and wrote several books on sailing.
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