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yagi antenna sentence in Hindi

"yagi antenna" meaning in Hindiyagi antenna in a sentence
  • For the commonly used Yagi antenna this is not a linear relationship.
  • TV antennas are still a major application of the Yagi antenna.
  • Most used the port wing and a receiver Yagi antenna on the starboard wing.
  • The Type 42 had more revisions, including a change to using four Yagi antennas.
  • Hollmann built a regenerative receiver and Schultes developed Yagi antennas for transmitting and receiving.
  • To traverse these distances, directional Yagi antennas are almost essential and are generally horizontally polarized.
  • Yagi antennas were adopted for both transmitting and receiving.
  • :: Almost all UK TV terrestrial TV reception antennas are directional Yagi antennas with reflectors.
  • This rebroadcast signal was received by two directional yagi antennas on the aircraft carrying the Rebecca unit.
  • Each of these had a hand-rotated pole with Yagi antennas at two levels, allowing azimuth and elevation measurements.
  • The steerable crossed yagi antenna was used to transmit and receive telemetry from various spacecraft of that era.
  • The Yagi antennas were spaced about 1, 000 meters; thus, close coordination was required to aim them in synchronization.
  • The Yagi antenna has similar looking parasitic dipole elements but which act differently due to their somewhat different lengths.
  • On electronic manuals Yagi antennas are usually depicted as talk ) 06 : 25, 15 May 2014 ( UTC)
  • Yagi antennas were installed along the wing leading edges and also protruded from the sides of the rear fuselage.
  • The smallest elements in this design, located in the " front ", are UHF and use Yagi antenna principles.
  • It used four Yagi antennas mounted in the nose area; separate elements for transmit and receive were skewed for searching.
  • Yagi antennas were first widely used during World War II in radar systems by the British, US, Germans and Japanese.
  • Electrically, it simulates a series of two or three-element Yagi antennas connected together, each set tuned to a different frequency.
  • It used a Yagi antenna that was rigidly mounted above the shelter and the entire unit could be rotated in azimuth.
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