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yager sentence in Hindi

"yager" meaning in Hindiyager in a sentence
  • Students hurried across the street to Leawood Park, Yager said.
  • Yager sold the car to a private collector in late 2009.
  • "Yager " has received positive reviews from critics.
  • Yager probably had complete control of " Buck Rogers"
  • There's also a morale boost, Yager said.
  • The Townhomes of Wellwood is being planned for Yager Lane.
  • Several video tapes of Faye Yager interviews were also introduced.
  • Ruffalo and Ms . Yager handle their scenes together with clumsy grace.
  • Ms . Yager interrupts : " That's not true.
  • Jan Yager made a bib called " City Flotsam ."
  • When questioned about this estimate, Yager's doctor declined comment.
  • Yager became a messenger and assisted Hubbard in video production.
  • Yager served as governor until Wilson's presidency expired.
  • Yager makes a break for it, but is caught.
  • Yager married in 1935 and remained wed until he died in 1995.
  • Yager announced that there would not be a sequel to the game.
  • This was to be Yager's only VFL game.
  • Yager added : " It's a relatively closed labor market.
  • Yager turned to the Northeast Campus of Tarrant County Junior College for help.
  • Joel Yager, psychiatrist at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine:
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