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yagan sentence in Hindi

"yagan" meaning in Hindi
  • Lyon spent many hours with Yagan learning his language and customs.
  • Yagan was named CEO of Match . com in October 2012.
  • Two teen-age bounty hunters shot Yagan dead in July 1833.
  • Still, supporters of Yagan can point to victory on another front.
  • By the 1960s Yagan's head was badly deteriorated.
  • The other group is known as the Yagan wing, the statement said.
  • Yagan is thought to have been born around 1795.
  • Yagan was probably a " Ballaroke " in the Noongar classification.
  • Lyon thought he could teach Yagan British ways and convert him to Christianity.
  • Yagan asked Moore whether Midgegooroo was dead or alive.
  • Yagan's descendent, Ken Colbung, 66, told a news conference.
  • They can understand the grief that all us went through for our son Yagan.
  • After his shooting, settlers removed Yagan's head to claim the bounty.
  • Yagan remained at large for over two months.
  • When the party of settlers arrived, they found Yagan dead and Heegan dying.
  • OkCupid s co-founder and CEO Sam Yagan remains CEO of the site.
  • "The purpose of my visit is the recovery of Yagan's head.
  • Yagan spent his life building bridges between Australia's colonists and its native Aborigines.
  • Yagan and Gyallipert competed at spear throwing.
  • He used much of that time in an effort to learn Yagan's language.
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