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English-Hindi > yew tree

yew tree meaning in Hindi

yew tree sentence in Hindi
सदाबहार वृक्ष
yew    एक प्रकार का सदा
tree    वनस्पति काठ पेड़
1.The drug is now made using chemicals from yew tree needles.

2.A new Yew Tree pub has now opened within the premises.

3.On Yew Tree Hill one can find the Yew Tree Inn.

4.On Yew Tree Hill one can find the Yew Tree Inn.

5.There is a line of ancient yew trees near the church.

6.In the early 1890s the shafts at Yew Tree were deepened.

7.It contains 6000 yew trees planted by volunteers from Northern Ireland.

8.The Pacific yew tree has been labeled an endangered plant.

9.Cativolcus poisoned himself with a concoction from a yew tree.

10.There has been little regeneration of the yew trees in the wood.

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