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yummies sentence in Hindi

"yummies" meaning in Hindi
  • Not that all of it doesn't sound perfectly yummy.
  • It is really yummy and does taste like the real thing,
  • The mouse chow you once lived for no longer seems yummy.
  • Both the Key lime pie and cappuccino hazelnut cake were yummy.
  • Now there is all this yummy new Wall Street money around.
  • These Italian-style hamburgers are juicy, crunchy and yummy.
  • The Brewers didn't think Yummy could hit for power.
  • This yummy dark sauce can be kept refrigerated for two weeks.
  • Can " Yummies for Dummies " be far behind?
  • With a clean spoon, she tastes : " Yummy.
  • So all the vampires were like ooooooooh blood yummy ! !!
  • But without warning, the Nue Yummy appears and attacks Eiji.
  • Filled with rage, Yummy chased and shot at the pair.
  • Yoho decides to try and spirit Yummy out of the hospital.
  • The child part would prefigure the yummy blonde Amy would later become.
  • It may be yummy, but is it a martini?
  • Initial results for Kitchen Tools are, well, yummy.
  • But Yummy doesn't take it all too seriously.
  • Other chefs take the opposite tack and pile on the yummy stuff.
  • A yummy confection, it dates to the Middle Ages.
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