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yuppie sentence in Hindi

"yuppie" meaning in Hindi  
  • However, the primary symptom of the yuppie flu is fatigue.
  • Yes, but will the popularity of such yuppie angst last?
  • Guys in expensive yuppie cars do it, too, however.
  • L . L . Bean duck boots now global Yuppie item.
  • Filofax is showing that there is life after the yuppie era.
  • Friends had described us at that point as a yuppie couple,
  • "I'm a classic yuppie surfer,"
  • Rock Bottom Brewery : This is Denver's yuppie brewpub.
  • I can't afford to be a yuppie !"
  • "It's the ultimate yuppie town ."
  • You go downtown and find the perfect kind of young yuppie.
  • "It's a very yuppie scene ."
  • The project has encouraged the bombing of yuppie bars and restaurants.
  • I do what any quasi-Yuppie does in New York.
  • Quench is more of a yuppie hangout than a uniformed one.
  • The myth of the yuppie as role model has been broken.
  • Critics deride Canary Wharf as a soulless village of yuppie commuters.
  • He makes things look too easy, a yuppie-type fighter.
  • It was just in time for the graying of the yuppie generation.
  • Sure, show her hopeless crush on yuppie Peter Gallagher.
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