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English-Hindi > zealander

zealander meaning in Hindi

zealander sentence in Hindi
1.Among many New Zealanders there is an open contempt for psychiatry.

2.The New Zealanders called it " megaphone diplomacy ."

3.Cowan, " replacing him with New Zealander Steve Williams.

4.And he's run into some opposition from New Zealanders.

5.Woods and New Zealander Steve Williams have become a fabulous team.

6.Australians ( as do New Zealanders ) take their wars seriously.

7.Even so, the New Zealanders are determined to move ahead.

8.The study followed 847 New Zealanders from birth to age 26.

9.He put New Zealander Sir Richard Hadlee as No . 1.

10.Still, many New Zealanders are on the verge of euphoria.

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