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zechstein sentence in Hindi

"zechstein" meaning in Hindizechstein in a sentence
  • Outcropping Zechstein rocks are limited to the edges of basement uplifts.
  • The Magnesian Limestone is now incorporated within the Zechstein Group.
  • NAM found the Netherlands'first gas in Zechstein carbonates at Coevorden in 1948.
  • This Zechstein stage also comprises dolomites and limestones.
  • Later, during the Zechstein and Muschelkalk the region was largely flooded by the sea.
  • The Capitanian stage was part of the time in which the Zechstein was deposited in Europe.
  • During the Zechstein the sea ingressed from the Arctic Ocean to the north into the basin.
  • Furthermore, in the south near Heidelberg, there is still zechstein under the Early Triassic deposits.
  • It is the type locality for the Raisby Formation, a carbonate unit of the English Zechstein sequence.
  • In Dutch lithostratigraphy, the Rotliegend lies on top of the late Carboniferous Limburg Group and below the Zechstein Group.
  • The gypsum karst landscape with its Zechstein deposits features caves, sink-holes, dolines, ponors and karst springs.
  • The eventual disappearance of the Zechstein Sea was part of a general marine regression that preceded and accompanied the Permian-Triassic extinction.
  • Er ist in der Kreide durch den Aufstieg of Zechstein-Salzen entstanden, die die j�ngeren Deckschichten of the Mesozoikums sattelartig aufgew�lbt haben.
  • Gas was found by chance in a water well near Hamburg in 1910, leading to minor gas discoveries in Zechstein dolomites elsewhere in Germany.
  • The Ten Boer well failed to reach target depth for technical reasons, but was completed as a minor gas producer from the Zechstein carbonates.
  • Between Bad Sachsa and Neuhof, the Uffe flows immediately past the foot of the Sachsenstein, a former coral reef in the Zechstein Sea.
  • Common to both ranges, but also to other low mountain ranges in Central Europe uplifted at the same time, are the bordering Zechstein deposits which contain Bryozoa reefs.
  • These stretch especially wide on the northwestern edge of the Thuringian forest, where the landscape park of Altenstein Palace is located on one of the largest Zechstein reefs in Germany.
  • After analyzing seismic data over a wide region, he proposed that Silverpit was just one of many similar features related to the withdrawal of the Permian-age Zechstein salt.
  • The Basin is surrounded by a wide outer girdle of limestone ( Muschelkalk ) ridges ( including Hainich, D�n, Hainleite, Hohe Schrecke, Schm�cke, Magnesian limestone ( Zechstein ).
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