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zebu sentence in Hindi

"zebu" meaning in Hindizebu in a sentence
  • Other breeds of zebu are found mainly in the drier regions.
  • The zebu did not appear in West Africa until about 1800.
  • Zebu is split about evenly between African and South Asian breeds.
  • The miniature zebu cattle typically are not breed for meat production.
  • The zebu cattle resemble the Brahman look with a few exceptions.
  • A zebu is a type of ox native to Asia and Africa.
  • Their body conformation resembles the zebu cattle of eastern Africa.
  • This is one of the world's major zebu cattle breeds.
  • Most of these animals are of the humpbacked zebu breed.
  • The nomadic Fulbe, on the other hand, herd Bororo zebu.
  • The district has about 117, 000 head of local Zebu cattle.
  • Girs are considered to be the most gentle of the Zebu breeds.
  • In Brazil, the Indian cows are known as the Zebu breed.
  • Zebu are central to the religious and social life of the Antandroy.
  • He declared zebu meat to be fit for human consumption.
  • In contrast, the Nandipada is generally associated with the zebu bull.
  • Zebu breeds have been widely crossed with European cattle.
  • Originally from India, the Zebu is an animal used for pulling loads.
  • Sheep and goats are also raised here, with zebu being recently introduced.
  • ZeBu has static, dynamic and flexible probes for retrieving and depositing data.
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