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zen buddhism sentence in Hindi

"zen buddhism" meaning in Hindi  
  • His acting has been influenced and guided by his Zen Buddhism practice.
  • Caballero was raised Catholic and has also studied Zen Buddhism and Pentecostalism.
  • In Zen Buddhism,  jundo can mean any ritual circuit or circumambulation.
  • He was raised a Catholic but adopted Zen Buddhism as an adult.
  • Zen Buddhism however clearly rejected the strong polytheistic conceptions of orthodox Buddhism.
  • While in Japan he became intrigued by and drawn to Zen Buddhism.
  • At the same time, he was developing an interest in Zen Buddhism.
  • This is not to be confused with the sesshin in Zen Buddhism.
  • Dr . Daylen is also an ordained lay practitioner of Zen Buddhism.
  • He and Cage, who shared an interest in Zen Buddhism, became close friends.
  • In this sense wabi-sabi is the material representation of Zen Buddhism.
  • Performance in some groups is also guided by principles based on Zen Buddhism.
  • In Season 7, having recovered from being shot, he converted to Zen Buddhism.
  • The Center serves by providing the teaching, training, and transmission of Zen Buddhism.
  • It belongs to the MyMshin-ji school of the Rinzai branch of Zen Buddhism.
  • While a student at Oregon, a professor advised him to study Zen Buddhism.
  • She was introduced to Zen Buddhism and Asian philosophy by Cage.
  • Since the Second World War kykdM has often been associated with Zen Buddhism.
  • Zen Buddhism was influential among the samurai, and their Bushido code.
  • Remarkably Zen word in Zen Buddhism is also derived from " dhayan ".
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