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abusively sentence in Hindi

"abusively" meaning in Hindi
  • A dozen men commit adultery or act abusively toward their families.
  • abusively using sockpuppets to further disrupt Wikipedia, despite his ban.
  • Kauffner has been indeffed for abusively using one or more accounts.
  • It is wrong to use alcohol illegally, compulsively, or abusively.
  • The complainant considered that the secrecy clause was used abusively.
  • In this case, Butserioulyfolks was most definitely acting abusively.
  • This has been used abusively on the Dieter F . Uchtdorf article.
  • I'm not aware of them being used abusively.
  • ScienceApologist has used sockpuppets abusively, according to a previous ArbCom case.
  • *Speedy Keep-Abusively nominated for deletion 2 minutes after creation.
  • They loved their foster brother Sperncer dearly but his mother treated them abusively.
  • She speaks abusively to all of those who have been attempting her rescue.
  • Checkuser has previously confirmed that User : Nimbley6 has used multiple accounts abusively.
  • The deal is whether or not Psikxas has been operating multiple accounts abusively.
  • Outing is a bad idea because it can be used maliciously or abusively.
  • :* Are the multiple accounts being used abusively?
  • Could you clarify why you think that the accounts are being used abusively?
  • She abusively berates the boy regarding his obesity.
  • Jack and PT confront him and Gill abusively tells them the road is restricted.
  • When he got such a reaction, he responded abusively, and was blocked.
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