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abutments sentence in Hindi

"abutments" meaning in Hindi
  • Sometimes I want to drive my car into a bridge abutment.
  • The streets were empty except for Serb police behind sandbagged abutments.
  • In each case an abutment is attached to the implant fixture.
  • Its abutments were of stone, but its piers were wood.
  • It rests on five piers, with abutments at either end.
  • The trusses rest on abutments that have been faced in concrete.
  • A new island was created from the Broad Street Bridge abutment.
  • The original bridge was built of cast iron with stone abutments.
  • It has a 30-foot span carried on fieldstone abutments.
  • It still features a Roman triumphal arch at its eastern abutment.
  • The bridge is supported by two fieldstone abutments and a pier.
  • The system limit is at Lernacken, near the bridge abutment.
  • The tied arch design eliminates thrust at the abutments and piers.
  • The bridge construction is single kingpost, resting on stone abutments.
  • During reconstruction of the bridge, the abutments were also rebuilt.
  • The bridge was repaired and painted and both abutments were replaced.
  • The rock used in the abutments was gathered from local quarries.
  • The total length from one abutment to the other is about.
  • Its weight was 5000 piers support the bridge between its abutments.
  • The bridge rests on limestone block abutments and a central pier.
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