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English-Hindi > airier

airier meaning in Hindi

airier sentence in Hindi
1.The next few books were " airier ."

2.Interiors became lighter and airier and met with immediate approval from educationalists.

3.At 70, her voice is thinner and airier.

4.Both attribute the gains to extremely successful shows mounted in renovated, airier exhibition spaces.

5.The steam allows the crust to expand before setting, thus creating a lighter, airier loaf.

6.Meanwhile, his style grew softer, more accessible, as well as airier and more decorative.

7.The ambience of Matisse's paintings, despite their famously intense color, is looser and airier.

8.You just wish that she would have stuck with him rather than roaming away with her airier characters.

9.Dries Van Noten showed wider, airier trousers paired with loosely constructed blazers and lively print shirts or argyle vests.

10.Though we had an air-conditioned room, the ones that had only ceiling fans were airier and more attractive.

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