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English-Hindi > airiest

airiest meaning in Hindi

airiest sentence in Hindi
1.Even the airiest dancer is made of solid flesh.

2."They're just the airiest, lightest, creamiest things,"

3.The result _ at Rulli anyway _ is the lightest, airiest jelly or custard donut you could ever imagine.

4.It is one of the airiest materials known; a gallon of nanofoam weighs about a quarter of an ounce.

5.The chain of events is described by a pair of television commentators whose gleefully snide asides make Chevy Chase at his airiest seem funereal.

6.This dressing is starring in one of the airiest salads in the city, a tangle of greens so light a strong breeze could scatter them into the air.

7.As Bruno, Alex D . Linz stays grounded in the airiest moments and seems dignified even when he slithers down the aisle to a spelling bee championship in a ball gown.

8.The airiest accommodations are the free-standing cottages, spacious wood structures built on stilts, with a bedroom and bath on the second floor and an outdoor kitchenette and dining area below.

9.This is one of the airiest and shadiest spots in Pompeii, and the ideal place for a rest . ( Picnicking is not permitted on archaeological sites; discreet snacking is another thing .)

10.In its heart and soul, " Jeanne and the Perfect Guy " ( " Jeanne et le Garcon Formidable " ), which opens Friday in Manhattan, is a direct descendant of Jacques Demy's candy-colored musical sorbets, " The Umbrellas of Cherbourg " and " The Young Girls of Rochefort, " films whose bubbly head-in-the-clouds romanticism make the airiest Hollywood musicals seem almost cynical.

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