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English-Hindi > airiness

airiness meaning in Hindi

airiness sentence in Hindi
1.The proportionally diminishing architectural shapes create the impression of airiness and space.

2.The result is a touch of Classics Illustrated airiness.

3.CD . It mixes dance beats and guitar noise, darkness, and airiness.

4.Inside, the rooms have the white-washed airiness of a summer house.

5.Symmetrical rows of rectangular window openings give the heavy concrete a sense of airiness.

6.The table and open white wire shelving help maintain an airiness in the small space.

7.The Empire-style mahogany furniture is caned, for airiness in this torrid clime.

8.You hear it as transparency or airiness, the musical roses without the brambles of distortion.

9.Coleman's frisky, melodious score is somehow transformed from likable airiness into something leaden.

10.Yet a wall of windows opening onto the back veranda brings a welcome airiness and sunshine.

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lightness in movement or manner
Synonyms: delicacy,

the property of something weightless and insubstantial
Synonyms: buoyancy,

the property of something spacious and abounding in fresh air

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