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airlifted sentence in Hindi

"airlifted" meaning in Hindi
  • His body is scheduled to be airlifted to Balikpapan later today.
  • Higley was airlifted to Methodist Medical Center in Dallas for tests.
  • He was airlifted to a Port Arthur hospital where he died.
  • Eberhardt was airlifted from Hancock Memorial Hospital to Atlanta Medical Center.
  • Its sprawling dining room could have been airlifted from Los Angeles.
  • Both were airlifted to Bayfront Medical Center in St . Petersburg.
  • He was airlifted from Anchorage to Harborview Medical Center Monday morning.
  • He was airlifted from Anchorage to Harborview Medical Center yesterday morning.
  • A man and a woman were airlifted to Miami for treatment.
  • He was then airlifted to the Foote Hospital in nearby Jackson.
  • They were airlifted by an army helicopter to Israel for treatment.
  • At least one American citizen was among those airlifted to Bangkok.
  • Fourteen injured people were airlifted to Rarotonga for hospitalization on Monday.
  • After nightfall, Israeli transport helicopters airlifted forces to the northern border
  • Four were airlifted to a hospital and were in stable condition.
  • One passenger who suffered a broken hip was airlifted to hospital.
  • The young Swiss skier was immediately airlifted by helicopter to hospital.
  • One was shot in the head and airlifted to a hospital.
  • Some residents were airlifted to nearby Barinas state and to Caracas.
  • Most of the crew were airlifted off the ship last week.
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