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analeptic sentence in Hindi

"analeptic" meaning in Hindianaleptic in a sentence
  • Theophylline is no longer used as a respiratory analeptic in newborn infants.
  • Tacrine was also described as an analeptic agent used to promote mental alertness.
  • The third common mechanism which analeptics take advantage of is to act as serotonin receptor agonists.
  • Analeptics can be used to increase the speed of recovery from propofol, remifentanil, and sevoflurane.
  • One of the first widely used analeptics was strychnine, which causes CNS excitation by antagonizing the inhibitory neurotransmitter glycine.
  • This soup was a part of the royal court cuisine of Ryukyu Kingdom; it is thought to have analeptic properties.
  • The three most prevalent clinical analeptic uses of caffeine are in the treatment of asthma, apnea of prematurity, and bronchopulmonary dysplasia in newborn infants.
  • His work at NASA led him to write " Effects of some tranquilizing, analeptic and vasodilating drugs on physical work capacity and orthostatic tolerance"
  • In clinical settings, analeptics such as Doxapram have been used to help patients recover from anesthesia better, as well as removing some of the potential negative side effects of potent anesthetics.
  • Graves derived some of his ideas from poetic inspiration and a process of " analeptic thought ", which is a term he used for throwing one's mind back in time and receiving impressions.
  • Buspirone and Mosapride successfully increased respiration in animals by binding to serotonin receptors which are G protein coupled receptors which, upon activation, induce a secondary messenger cascade and in this case that cascade leads to an analeptic response.
  • He wrote a poem ` On the Circuit,'about flying, and as the plane neared its destination, as the plane began to sink, he wondered if he should reach into his bag for an ` analeptic swig .'Now, there, he combined a Greek word that means ` restorative'with the word swig, which is jargon ."
  • Just like their previous opus, the band included three electronic tracks : " Anal�ptica Anergia Siderobl�stica-GHB Fx " ( " Analeptic Sideroblastic Anergy-GHB Fx " ), " Apraxia Digital Com Cyber Leucorreia Hi-Tech " ( " Digital Apraxy With Hi-Tech Cyber Leukhorrhea " ) and " Neuro Discrasia Sin�ptica-Interfer�ncias no N�cleo Tegmental Pedunculopontino " ( " Synaptic Neuro Discrasy-Pedunculpontine Tegmental Nucleus Interferences " ).
  • The foreshadowing may be distinguished between, " advance notice " : for example, "'Had I but known then what I know now, I would never have set foot on Baron von Rotschnitzel's private yacht .'" or the more subtle, " advance mention " : " a'simple marker without anticipation'intended to acquire significance later in the narrative, through analeptic recovery ( 75 ) .'[ in other words : ] . . . clues"

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