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analects sentence in Hindi

"analects" meaning in Hindi
  • The Pyongyang " Analects " was discovered in 1992.
  • The Silver Rule of Confucianism from " Analects"
  • These include the Analects and The Art of War.
  • Zai Yu is not portrayed well in the Analects.
  • Is there a set number of teachings that he had in the Analects?
  • However, the Analects also caution against the opposite.
  • Most of his information on reverence in Chinese culture derives from the Analects.
  • The " Analects " contains three chapters of Zhuansun Shi's sayings.
  • The fifth chapter of the " Analects " was traditionally attributed to his disciples.
  • These are probably the same person mentioned in the Analects as Shen Chang ( 3u�h ).
  • According to the " Analects ", Gongye Chang was once imprisoned for an unidentified crime.
  • In the " Analects ", Confucius presents himself as a " transmitter who invented nothing ".
  • In " Analects " 5.1 Confucius says of Gongye Chang : " He is marriageable.
  • Confucius in " The Analects ", written through the Warring States period of way of Zhongyong.
  • At least three times the amount of those do not exist in the " Analects " at all.
  • Nakai Riken wrote extensive commentaries on the three of the four books Analects, Doctrine of the mean and Mencius.
  • Aphorisms concerning his teachings were compiled in the " Analects ", but only many years after his death.
  • Additionally, there are many famous books about Confucius the most famous one is Analects which is written by his students.
  • Over a century later, the tutor of the " Analects " to Emperor Cheng of Han, Dunhuang.
  • The Dingzhou " Analects " was damaged in a fire shortly after it was entombed in the Han dynasty.
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