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English-Hindi > anglesea

anglesea meaning in Hindi

anglesea sentence in Hindi
1.Don't fret about formalities at the Anglesea Golf Club.

2.This is now part of the Torquay to Anglesea walking track.

3.Anglesea was called up to the senior 2002 tour of Argentina.

4.The Great Ocean Road extends some 250 kilometers from Anglesea to Warrnambool.

5.We consider Peter Anglesea to be a player of integrity and honesty.

6.The foundation stone of the new harbour was laid by the Anglesea.

7.Anglesea also helps with coaching at Sale FC and Fylde rugby clubs.

8.Anglesea was originally banned on Sept . 24.

9.Longtime Anglesea member Kevin Sadler says he's never seen a kangaroo get hurt.

10.Anglesea draws its cooling water from six sub-well bores, supplemented with rainwater.

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