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English-Hindi > anglesite

anglesite meaning in Hindi

anglesite sentence in Hindi
1.Anglesite's color is white or gray with pale yellow streaks.

2.Carminite also occurs as masses mixed with cerussite, anglesite and plumbojarosite.

3.An example is the lead mineral anglesite PbSO 4.

4.In upper levels, the ore minerals are oxidized to cerussite, anglesite, and smithsonite.

5.An example is a change from galena ( lead sulfide ) to anglesite ( lead sulfate ).

6.Anglesite occurs as prismatic orthorhombic crystals and earthy masses, and is isomorphous with barite and celestine.

7.It occurs in association with galena, cerussite, anglesite and matlockite in the Caracoles, Chile.

8."' Anglesite "'is a lead sulfate mineral with the chemical formula PbSO 4.

9.It occurs in association with brochantite, anglesite, caledonite, leadhillite, cerussite, malachite and hemimorphite.

10."' Leadhillite "'is a lead sulfate carbonate hydroxide mineral, often associated with anglesite.

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