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English-Hindi > anglesey

anglesey meaning in Hindi

anglesey sentence in Hindi
1.Another large cull was scheduled for Tuesday in Anglesey, Wales.

2.He married Senena, daughter of Caradoc ap Thomas of Anglesey.

3.He operated it as a turnpike road for Anglesey in Wales.

4.The Anglesey section was financed through a Private Finance Initiative scheme.

5.The church of Llangadwaldr in Anglesey identifies him as its founder.

6.The Anglesey Coastal Path and Wales Coast Path pass through Benllech.

7.Lord Anglesey died, aged 90, on 13 July 2013.

8.In 818 there was a notable battle at Llanfaes on Anglesey.

9.Murat's governess was Catherine Davies from Anglesey in Wales.

10.Wynne was part of the Wynn family from Bodewryd, Anglesey.

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