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baboo sentence in Hindi

"baboo" meaning in Hindibaboo in a sentence
  • "Suprabhatha " is another major success of Dinesh Baboo.
  • Baboo's birthplace was given as the Planet of the Pongies.
  • It can be assumed that Baboo met the same fate as Squatt.
  • According to Squatt and Baboo, Scorpina did horrible things.
  • At the end of 2009 Baboo posted a turnover of 73 million Swiss francs.
  • The background score was composed by Rajamani and the cinematography was by Dinesh Baboo.
  • They often collaborate with other musicians, such as Sweet Baboo, during live shows.
  • Thus, instead of calling NASA, Anderson called his friend Chirinjeev " Baboo"
  • Sweet Baboo has performed extensively at festivals such as Islet, and collaborated with Gruff Rhys.
  • Kishva Ambigapathy is the only son of Professor Ambigapathy Pandian and Dr . Shanthi Balraj Baboo.
  • On 25 November 2010, Darwin Airline announced its plans to take over Baboo by early 2011.
  • Baboo is rarely confident in his mistress'plans, but would never say this to her face.
  • Sweet Baboo launched single " Let's Go Swimming Wild " in 2012 as a free download.
  • Merchandise such as stickers, badges, mobile straps and mobile phone content based on Baboo were also produced.
  • On 25 November 2010, Darwin Airline announced its plans to take over some Baboo operating assets by early 2011.
  • Baboo had invested time into securing codeshare agreements with TAROM, Air France-CityJet, Alitalia and Olympic Air.
  • "' Baboo "'is the more intelligent of a dimwitted duo consisting of him and Squatt.
  • Hawkline regularly plays guitar or bass guitar in both Cate Le Bon and Sweet Baboo's live bands and records.
  • Among the bands championed by Riley are Metronomy, Field Music, Everything Everything, Wild Beasts, Sweet Baboo and King Creosote.
  • When Lord Zedd took over as the main villain in the second season, Squatt and Baboo's roles were greatly reduced.
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