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baboon sentence in Hindi

"baboon" meaning in Hindibaboon in a sentence
  • Normally a baboon weighs between 850 and 950 grams at birth.
  • The baboons survived; more important, so did the transplants.
  • The organs from the transgenic pig are then transplanted into baboons.
  • A yawn from a large baboon male is really quite scary,
  • Watch _ keep an eye out _ for crocodile and baboons.
  • Could baboon cells teach human cells how to fight the virus?
  • But if a baboon wants your ball let him keep it.
  • He was running up the walls like a baboon on speed.
  • But back-scratching a whole band of baboons takes time.
  • Frankly, I was more taken aback by the talking baboon.
  • If so, preparing the baboon could delay the trial slightly.
  • Pick up 6th graf pvs : ` The baboon . ..
  • In one cage, a baboon swings from vine to vine.
  • Baboons are more readily available, but impractical as potential donors.
  • The long canines are evidence of sexual dimorphism in baboon species.
  • The player arrives and fights the Baboon Boss and his servants.
  • Males of the hamadryas baboon species also have large white manes.
  • Later, Cole sees the baboons attacking Mbeki in the distance.
  • GNL now runs Baboon Forest, a record label in Uganda.
  • It is personified by the mystical old baboon, Rafiki.
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