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babysat sentence in Hindi

"babysat" meaning in Hindibabysat in a sentence
  • The Lassers babysat so their mother could stay at the hospital.
  • Neighbors and family members said they also often babysat for the girl.
  • Not mother, though : She had babysat the young George Gershwin.
  • Why, she hasn't babysat since Saturday.
  • Johnson had babysat his and Ginny's sons.
  • The latter sketch revealed that Debbie babysat Swank when Swank was a child.
  • He also helped his fellow superheroes and babysat for Nighthawk and the Redeemers.
  • These fantasies revolved around murdering and cannibalizing a neighborhood girl who babysat him.
  • Sophie babysat the two pups, Nugget and Beaker, along with Simon.
  • He babysat for son Cameron Wednesday and took him to the Tiger Woods clinic.
  • Would you want your children babysat by her or your brother to marry her?
  • Sibley said she babysat Frey's daughter.
  • While their grandmother attended to her own business, Mother Goose babysat the twins.
  • Mostly I babysat to pay the rent.
  • 9 . What was the name of the neighbor who often babysat for the Ricardos?
  • She and Tiffany's mother were longtime friends and often babysat for each other.
  • The twins are babysat by Chubba, a teenage boy with a fondness for pizza.
  • While being babysat one night by Kris, she shares her Christmas wish with him.
  • The girls babysat for our kids.
  • They went to the mall, pleased and perplexed their parents, babysat, and dreamed.
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