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babysitting sentence in Hindi

"babysitting" meaning in Hindibabysitting in a sentence
  • We are tired of babysitting extremist thugs and guarding illegal settlements,
  • Furuta's company began in 1989 as a babysitting service.
  • He comes across Minnie who is babysitting two of his nephews.
  • Veronica wins the babysitting job from a high-pressure teacher.
  • Molly starts spending time with Danny, babysitting him for Sam.
  • But the measures did not resolve the inadequate demand for babysitting.
  • It gives the administration more tools to control demand for babysitting.
  • Star Market is seeking to outdo its rival by introducing babysitting service.
  • Child care : day care, nursery school, babysitting.
  • Norma and Gloria earned 10 cents an hour for babysitting.
  • Single parents in Austin have formed babysitting co-ops.
  • But don't count on Verdon doing much babysitting.
  • Titles include " 50 Best Babysitting Tips,"
  • She was babysitting regularly and cooked Sunday dinner every week.
  • Sometimes adolescents who are too young end up babysitting for younger siblings.
  • She earns some money by babysitting the infant daughter of a neighbor.
  • Among her other films : " Adventures in Babysitting,"
  • Babysitting agencies are sprouting up to fill the gaps in day care.
  • There are still occasional references to Cookie and her babysitting.
  • I was at the time occasionally babysitting Mr . Aston s children.
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