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bacchanal sentence in Hindi

"bacchanal" meaning in Hindibacchanal in a sentence
  • Best Mate placed second with Bacchanal third and First Gold fourth.
  • Bacchanal was ridden in most of his races by Mick Fitzgerald.
  • This was the hedonism of the hateful, a bacchanal of uncaring.
  • But it was just getting ready for Vappu, the annual bacchanal.
  • Bayou Bacchanal is only one stop for the festival lovers.
  • There are bacchanals and debaucheries to make Caligula blush.
  • By comparison to the raucous Aussie bacchanal, the Greek segment was a snooze.
  • But trade ministers are having their own bacchanal.
  • The weekend trip, according to multiple sources, devolved into an epic bacchanal.
  • After Bacchanal's death, Nicky Henderson said " It was just awful.
  • Busloads of relieved Democrats pulled up to the White House for the bacchanal of vindication.
  • The bacchanal returns every weekend through June, when Carnival in Bahia is finally over.
  • George and Alexia Gicoudis are Bacchanal's co-owners and the entertainers, too.
  • ESPN, ESPN2 and Fox all benefited by showcasing the McGwire-Sosa home run bacchanal.
  • All the bacchanals in the Alabaster Chamber dealt with love, and some refer to marriage.
  • Bacchanal offers free Greek dance lessons from 5 : 30 to 7 p . m . Tuesdays.
  • After the bacchanal of the Sixties, the Seventies are a massive hangover, limp and headachy.
  • There are affluent, muscular gay men in town for the bacchanal known as White Party Weekend.
  • Mystery religions imported from the Near East ( Ptolemaic Egypt, restrict the Bacchanals in 186 BC.
  • Although still orgiastic, this was a more sensual and benign bacchanal ( assisted by satyrs ).
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