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bacchanalia sentence in Hindi

"bacchanalia" meaning in Hindibacchanalia in a sentence
  • It's A Hitter's Bacchanalia, Part II.
  • Within its first year Bacchanalia became Atlanta's hottest table.
  • "Bacchanalia in cemetery canceled, " it said.
  • Later on, Orphic mysteries became a part of the Bacchanalia.
  • Aruba's Bacchanalia shares some similarities with the ancient celebrations.
  • The celebration is a Bacchanalia of the evil and demonic powers.
  • Fiesta, Santa Fe's weekend bacchanalia, will officially begin.
  • _Favorite restaurants : Thai Chili and Bacchanalia, on special occasions.
  • Bacchanalia, in Buckhead, drew complaints about noise when it opened.
  • Peacock took immediate notice of Bacchanalia when it opened in late 1992.
  • _" I decided to stop this bloody bacchanalia,"
  • The Romans in their Bacchanalia, were the origins of western theater.
  • The Bacchanalia and Lupercalia festivals highlight the importance of dance in Rome.
  • "A hitter's bacchanalia, " observes Bill James.
  • BACCHANALIA, 1198 Howell Mill Road, ( 404 ) 365-0410.
  • He charged through the woods straight into a bacchanalia.
  • Rather than risk his divine offense, the Bacchanalia were not banned outright.
  • OK, so anyway, the pigs turn the farm into a muddy bacchanalia.
  • He specialized in painting Bacchanalia and mythologic scenes both in Northern Italy and England.
  • Bacchanalia and Star Provisions promise the same.
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