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English-Hindi > beanfeast

beanfeast meaning in Hindi

beanfeast sentence in Hindi
1.For organising the beanfeast, the World Gourmet Summit claims to have picked up some gongs, including the Grand Pinnacle Silver Award at the International Festivals and Events Association ( IFEA ) / Haas & Wilkerson Pinnacle Awards.

2.Pursuing this theme of independence, he held an annual beanfeast at which, in a parody of Bristol's civic ceremonies, a mock mayor, sheriffs and other dignitaries were elected and the ruled became the rulers.

3.In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the beanfeast often took the form of a trip to some beauty spot, where the meal was provided . ( e . g . . . " I want a feast, I want a bean feast.

4.If they could get as much value-added on their new single-estate specialty arabica coffees as Jamaica's Blue Mountain beans or, say, a prime Bordeaux from a famous French chateau or even an extra-virgin Italian olive oil squeezed on a Tuscan estate, they would have a beanfeast.

an annual dinner party given by an employer for the employees

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