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English-Hindi > beaned

beaned meaning in Hindi

beaned sentence in Hindi
1.Or the possibility of getting beaned by a Mark Wohlers fastball?

2.Toy stores, stationery stores and drugstores are all beaned up.

3.And the kids who work as setters do sometimes get beaned.

4.Astacio beaned Florida first baseman Greg Colbrunn in the second inning.

5.His first pitch was a fastball that nearly beaned Timo Perez.

6.But in April 1984, he was beaned by Mike Torrez.

7.Then he got beaned on his helmet by a fastball.

8.At one point, Liam beaned Noel with a tambourine.

9.James hit Canseco on the hip and beaned Mike Stanley with pitches.

10.Arizona pitcher Omar Daal beaned Colorado star Larry Walker on May 22.

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