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beaning sentence in Hindi

"beaning" meaning in Hindibeaning in a sentence
  • Safety nets minimize the chance of dropped equipment beaning a tourist.
  • The beaning left him with a concussion and temporary hearing loss.
  • Terry told Art that he always had headaches after the beaning.
  • The Yankees had a collective headache long before the beaning.
  • I remember Zim had problems with headaches from his beaning,
  • The beaning came in the top of the second at Yankee Stadium.
  • Chance suffered a near-fatal beaning the same year.
  • Howard would hit just . 147 while replacing beaning, detailed below.
  • Will there be any aftereffects from that horrible beaning?
  • Of course, Piazza thought the beaning was intentional.
  • _Thou shalt not allow the beaning of a teammate to go unavenged.
  • But the game was marred by the frightening beaning.
  • The beaning came in the top of the second inning at Yankee Stadium.
  • Mets manager Bobby Valentine claimed the beaning was deliberate.
  • They want to see him pay for his July beaning of Mike Piazza.
  • What about Clemens beaning Piazza in the regular season?
  • Zimmer was an observer, on the Dodgers bench recovering from a beaning.
  • The Mets believed the Piazza beaning was no accident.
  • Tony Conigliaro came back from a serious beaning.
  • Despite a reputation for beaning spectators, Gerald Ford was also a solid player.
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