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beanbag sentence in Hindi

"beanbag" meaning in Hindibeanbag in a sentence
  • It would have been better if there were beanbag shotguns available.
  • Gilbert police have never had to shoot anyone with the beanbags.
  • But, hey, politics ain't beanbag, right?
  • O'Neill used to say, ain't beanbag.
  • Chairs and a beanbag had been brought up from the den.
  • The person had been hit in the chest by a beanbag.
  • Right now, I think the beanbag is the answer.
  • Attempts to reach people who were shot by the beanbags were unsuccessful.
  • Beanbags are said to be accurate to about 50 feet.
  • When they went off, Armentrout fired the beanbag round.
  • Nobody wants to take a beanbag gun to a gunfight.
  • They weren't just any beanbags, mind you.
  • Circumstances : A resisting McDonald was hit with Tasers and beanbag gun.
  • Police consider beanbags a non-lethal alternative to bullets.
  • Each beanbag weighs about 1.4 ounces ( 40 grams ).
  • Another beanbag comes in the shape of a basketball.
  • They have stun guns, pepper spray, beanbag weapons and night sticks.
  • The effect is something like punching a beanbag chair.
  • Older children have a therapy ball, blue gymnastic mats and a beanbag.
  • Juggling beanbags or handkerchiefs improves eye-hand coordination.
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