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beaned sentence in Hindi

"beaned" meaning in Hindibeaned in a sentence
  • Or the possibility of getting beaned by a Mark Wohlers fastball?
  • Toy stores, stationery stores and drugstores are all beaned up.
  • And the kids who work as setters do sometimes get beaned.
  • Astacio beaned Florida first baseman Greg Colbrunn in the second inning.
  • His first pitch was a fastball that nearly beaned Timo Perez.
  • But in April 1984, he was beaned by Mike Torrez.
  • Then he got beaned on his helmet by a fastball.
  • At one point, Liam beaned Noel with a tambourine.
  • James hit Canseco on the hip and beaned Mike Stanley with pitches.
  • Arizona pitcher Omar Daal beaned Colorado star Larry Walker on May 22.
  • Clemens, then with the Yankees, beaned Piazza in July 2000.
  • Then on Friday, he got beaned on his helmet by a fastball.
  • He finished the day in fairly good shape, having beaned no one.
  • In the fourth inning, Darren Lewis got beaned on the left earflap.
  • Beaned by Nolan Ryan, he suffered no damage.
  • Jackson asked about the pitches that nearly beaned Rodriguez.
  • A tense moment occurred in the eighth when Goose Gossage beaned Ron Cey.
  • Ford did his best to add to Bush's string of beaned fans.
  • Once she beaned a squirrel walking on the wall with a head of lettuce.
  • That same night, Darren Bragg was beaned.
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