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butterfingers sentence in Hindi

"butterfingers" meaning in Hindi  
  • Butterfingers that I am, I could not afford an error.
  • This time, Florida ( 2-1 ) had butterfingers.
  • They cannot be selfish to ask me to play Butterfingers again.
  • But surprisingly, the invisible hand often turns out to have butterfingers.
  • BoSox butterfingers _ hello, Eddie Bressoud _ continued in the second.
  • Greenpeace last week said it discovered unlabeled Butterfingers in Munich gas stations.
  • The album went on to earn Butterfingers their first Double Platinum Award.
  • He liked Butterfingers, Devil Dogs and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
  • Right after Mueller's third error, the butterfingers officially became contagious.
  • Madison Romig, 9, hopes to see some Butterfingers in her bag.
  • Butterfingers would be one of the first such products available in German stores.
  • So, how does a team go from butterfingers to Masterlock just like that?
  • What caused this sudden case of butterfingers?
  • Give me Butterfingers or give me nothing.
  • Nestle next month plans to stock German shelves with Butterfingers made from genetically engineered corn.
  • There s always a stigma with Butterfingers.
  • As you may recall, the Lakers had a game in hand down in Texas and developed butterfingers.
  • They threw it to Jamal and Jamal's favorite candy bar is Butterfingers and he showed it.
  • "Jamal's favorite candy bar is Butterfingers, and he showed it today ."
  • Not long after, Butterfingers was a hit in the local underground scene, playing in packed gigs.
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