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butterfish sentence in Hindi

"butterfish" meaning in Hindi  
  • Examples are the common blenny and its near relative the butterfish.
  • Opahs closely resemble in shape the unrelated butterfish ( family Stromateidae ).
  • Typical fish include cod, salmon, butterfish, and tai snapper.
  • He also didn't notice Andi using butterfish instead of scallops.
  • 1 two-inch cube butterfish, or other rich fish such as salmon
  • The Japanese butterfish " Psenopsis anomala " is from the separate family Centrolophidae.
  • Harbison has been studying the possible introduction of the butterfish to attack the Black Sea mnemiopsis.
  • During the ban he's turning to fresh sole, mahi-mahi and Hawaiian butterfish.
  • Japanese butterfish live and feed near the bottom as well as in midwaters or near the surface.
  • Butterfishes live in coastal waters off the Americas, western Africa and in the Indo-Pacific.
  • Smaller amounts of sea bass, scup, mackerel, butterfish and flounder were placed in plastic buckets.
  • Occasionally it is also called butterfish, but butterfish lives in the Atlantic and is far smaller and rounder.
  • Occasionally it is also called butterfish, but butterfish lives in the Atlantic and is far smaller and rounder.
  • The site also yields millions of pounds of bluefish, butterfish, flounder, fluke, monk and whiting.
  • Recently Antarctic butterfish of approximately 10 cm have been found living in association with large masses of floating kelp.
  • They call it sablefish when it is smoked; black cod when it is whole; butterfish when its filleted.
  • Spines of the Japanese butterfish's dorsal fin are short and not separated from the soft-rayed portion.
  • Her first assignment was to explore the fishery potential of underutilized stocks of Gulf butterfish, squid, and coastal herring.
  • The endemic New Zealand species " Odax pullus " is commonly called butterfish, but is from a separate family Odacidae.
  • The Japanese butterfish prefers tropical waters : around 42�N & ndash; 19�N . It has been found in the waters near Hong Kong.
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