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butterfly bomb sentence in Hindi

"butterfly bomb" meaning in Hindi  
  • Not all unexploded SD2 butterfly bombs still have their wings attached.
  • Butterfly bombs continued to explode on the field for many weeks thereafter.
  • This was because butterfly bombs were specifically designed to detonate if they were disturbed in any way.
  • Butterfly bombs in a submunitions container could have a mixture of different fuzes fitted to increase disruption to the target.
  • The Butterfly Bombs, which littered the area, hampered fire-fighting crews trying to reach locations damaged by the incendiary bombs.
  • Junkers Ju 88s from " Kampfgeschwader 54 " ( KG 54 : Bomber Wing 54 ) attacked British positions with Butterfly Bombs.
  • Therefore, it was designed to fly over anti-aircraft positions and drop Butterfly Bombs, an early form of cluster bomb munitions.
  • As with more modern cluster bombs, it was not considered practical to disarm butterfly bombs which had fully armed themselves but failed to detonate.
  • It was said to drop exploding pens, poisoned candy, or so-called butterfly bombs and to fire on farm workers in fields.
  • UK bomb disposal teams were having continuing problems dealing with German 2 kilogram butterfly bombs as no examples had been safely dismantled to learn the process.
  • UK bomb-disposal teams were having continuing problems rendering safe with German Butterfly bombs because no examples had been safely dismantled to learn the best process.
  • In 1943 a number of people were killed and houses were damaged when butterfly bombs were dropped on the estate during a German air raid on Grimsby.
  • Again, new approaches were tried; in June 1943 a raid on Grimsby saw the use of " butterfly bombs ", a delayed action anti-personnel device, which resulted in heavy civilian casualties.
  • On 14 June 1943, an early-morning air raid by the Luftwaffe dropped several 1, 000 kg bombs, 6, 000 incendiary bombs and more than 3, 000 Butterfly Bombs in the Grimsby area.
  • On the island of Malta in 1981 Paul Gauci, a 41-year-old Maltese man, died after welding a butterfly bomb to a metal pipe and using it as a mallet, thinking it was a harmless can.
  • Whilst dealing with eight butterfly bombs which had fallen on RAF Harlaxton and failed to explode, Flight Sergeant Hanford of RAF Bomb Disposal ( based at RAF Digby ) noticed that the arming rods on the bombs had not fully unscrewed themselves i . e . the fuzes were not fully armed.
  • Instead, the standard render safe procedure for any unexploded SD2 butterfly bomb was to evacuate the area for at least 30 minutes ( in case the bomblet was fitted with a type 67 time delay fuze ), then surround it with a ring of sandbags ( to cushion the explosion ) and destroy it " in situ " by detonating a small explosive charge beside it.
  • The last recorded death from a German butterfly bomb in England occurred on November 27, 1956, over 11 years after the end of the war : Flight Lieutenant Herbert Denning of the RAF was examining an SD2 at the " Upminster bomb cemetery " ( some remote sandpits situated East of RAF Hornchurch, where explosive ordnance disposal experimental and research work took place ) when it detonated.

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