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English-Hindi > cabdriver

cabdriver meaning in Hindi

cabdriver sentence in Hindi
1.And several other cabdrivers just rolled down their windows and gawked.

2.Ditto for a cabdriver complaining about the ( expletive ) traffic.

3.This former New York cabdriver got out of the local lanes.

4."Are you Jewish ? " the cabdriver asked.

5.If I ride in a cab, I interview the cabdriver.

6.Many said that cabdrivers were often made out to be pariahs.

7.The Taxi and Limousine Commission identified the cabdriver as Blajinder Singh.

8.My son says things like he wants to be a cabdriver.

9.Bajwa has been a licensed cabdriver for at least five years.

10.It takes a cabdriver about two days to earn $ 13.

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someone who drives a taxi for a living
Synonyms: taxidriver, taximan, cabman, cabby, hack driver, hack-driver, livery driver,

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