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English-Hindi > taximan

taximan meaning in Hindi

noun plural: taximen   
taximan sentence in Hindi
• टैक्सी चालक
• टैक्सी वाला
1.One London taximan I know refuses to work during full moons.

2.These included taximen, the abductors and the brothel-owners.

3.We do not know who these taximen are or where they come from.

4.Several taximen began to poke fun at him.

5.Now Eldin said he is " the taximan " for the busy family.

6.Unable any longer to bear their taunts, he got up and knocked all the taximen out cold.

7.In 1982, his single " Taximan n'est pas gentil " earned him a golden record in Ivory Coast.

8.It was followed up in February 1984 with " Taximan ", which reached no . 6 on the South African hit parade.

9.The taximan said his passengers had gotten amorous in the back seat and he left them at Annesley Mews at 12 : 40.

10.Now on a roll of creativity, �Void recorded and released the catchy follow-up single " Taximan ", in February 1984.

someone who drives a taxi for a living
Synonyms: taxidriver, cabdriver, cabman, cabby, hack driver, hack-driver, livery driver,

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