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English-Hindi > cabman

cabman meaning in Hindi

noun plural: cabmen   
cabman sentence in Hindi
1.The business was restarted in October 1891 with cabmen friendly to the company.

2.He instructed the cabman to wait on the Rockhampton side of the bridge across the creek.

3.Thirteen of the shelters still exist and are still run by the Cabmen's Shelter Fund.

4.Following inquiries, twelve men were identified and eventually arrested, including Charles Sweetman, the cabman.

5.Her work with the needy began with the cabmen of Ealing, where she helped to build a Mission Hall.

6.In 1885, she instigated a cabmen's shelter in the middle of Broad Street, which stood there until 1912.

7.If the problems continue, Russia's role in the project could be reduced to that of " cabman, " he added.

8.Detective Robertson sought the assistance of a local cabman, who refused on the grounds that transporting her covered in filth would make his cab dirty.

9.It's just that I've never tried to investigate the'people's ways'by having conversations with Petersburg's cabmen.

10.In Alma-Ata, while shooting " The Aerial Cabman ", Tselikovskaya fell in love with Mikhail Zharov, then a married man.

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someone who drives a taxi for a living
Synonyms: taxidriver, taximan, cabdriver, cabby, hack driver, hack-driver, livery driver,

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