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English-Hindi > caboodle

caboodle meaning in Hindi

caboodle sentence in Hindi
• लाट
1.Will the audience get to see the actors'whole kit and caboodle?

2.Posing as " Kitten Caboodle ", Bart hired her on the spot.

3."I told him the whole shoot'n'caboodle,"

4.I moved full kit and caboodle out here.

5.R : Well, dapat sana, it was a whole caboodle of workshops.

6."But with Mike, you're getting the whole kit and caboodle.

7.We will have the sequel rights for years, and we own the whole kit and caboodle.

8.He purposely hinted that Kitten Caboodle was Miss Adventure in order to lure Bart from the saloon.

9.Your bullets and subheads should tantalize them and get them to read the whole kit-and-caboodle!

10.Since 2008, he has worked in half a dozen countries a year via Caboodle Books and Authors Abroad.

any collection in its entirety; "she bought the whole caboodle"
Synonyms: bunch, lot,

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