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English-Hindi > caboose

caboose meaning in Hindi

caboose sentence in Hindi
1.The court is no longer the caboose in this information age.

2.The inside of the long caboose was divided into three rooms.

3.One afternoon, she invited me to visit the red caboose.

4.Inside, the caboose was oak and black lacquered wrought iron.

5.Japanese planes bombed the train engine and caboose, killing hundreds.

6."He's let the caboose loose,"

7.American Railroad Caboose Historical Educational Society : www . arches . org

8.At Enterprise passengers are allowed to explore the caboose and locomotive.

9.It is implied that Caboose suffered brain damage from oxygen deprivation.

10.Riding in the cupola of the caboose cost an extra dollar.

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a car on a freight train for use of the train crew; usually the last car on the train
Synonyms: cabin car,

the area for food preparation on a ship
Synonyms: galley, ship''s galley, cookhouse,

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