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English-Hindi > chequers

chequers meaning in Hindi

chequers sentence in Hindi
• बिसात
• शतरंजपट्ट
• रंगों की तबदीली
• चारखानेदार करना
• रंगबिरंगा करना
1.John inherited Chequers upon the death of his cousin Mary Russell.

2.It was one of the first Sir Winston Churchill at Chequers.

3.Prime Minster Tony Blair watched from his Chequers country residence.

4.One named The Cock, the other named The Chequers.

5.There is one public house in Wheeler End, The Chequers Inn.

6.The Chequers and The Crown, which were both open by 1760.

7.She visited him often in London and was his guest at Chequers.

8.At the other end of the High Street is the Chequers pub.

9.Lord and Lady Fink have been guests of David Cameron at Chequers.

10.Set in Chequers, the play parodies the couple's relationship.

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