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English-Hindi > cheques

cheques meaning in Hindi

cheques sentence in Hindi
• चैक
• देयक
• धनादेश
• रुक्का
• हुण्डी
• चेक
1.Yo leo cada contrato, yo firmo cada cheque que sale.

2.This is because the number of hot cheques continues to rise.

3.Former teacher : I was not paid although school had my cheques

4.He added that he issued a cash cheque for the amount.

5.I issued the cheque to Othman on April 20, 1995.

6.Khoo replied that he issued cheques as demanded by the client.

7.Premsak insisted the cheque was to repay a loan from Pramual.

8.Didn't he want to enjoy my first pay cheque?

9.Caring in Shell extends beyond the presentation of cheques and gifts.

10.Cheques for school grants being prepared, NEW STRAITS TIMES-MANAGEMENT

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